• Do you have a showroom?

    We do have a showroom available on Sheikh Zayed Road for client viewings and for table mockups. An event planner or individual is able to come and try out the various looks for their next event. You’re welcome to even bring in other tabletop items to pair with our products. In order to ensure privacy, we require our clients to book an appointment before coming to the showroom.

  • What are your showroom hours?

    Our showroom is open Sunday to Thursday 9am to 5pm. Our delivery team works during weekends but our office and showroom are not available during this time.

  • What is needed to place an order?

    We require a valid ID, valid credit card to be on file as well as 50% deposit at the time of placing the order. We accept cash, credit card, bank transfer or cheque, full payment is due 48 hours prior to the event.

  • Is there a minimum order?

    For sales orders, there is no minimum order value. For rental orders, we request a 500dhs minimum order value, excluding delivery and logistics fees.

  • Can I place my order online?

    We offer online services. You can choose to rent or buy and add the items to your cart.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Reservations need to be cancelled 7 days before the event to avoid a 100% charge of the rental amount. Cancelations within 14 days of the event will incur a 25% charge of the rental amount.

  • When should I place my order?

    We generally recommend that you get in touch when you’re interested to have an idea of availability. We suggest booking at least 3-4 months in advance for larger events or sooner if you’re sure of your date and location. During the peak nice weather months in the UAE, many products do get booked earlier.

  • Do you have an after hours number?

     Yes, we provide an after hours number for our clients with existing orders. Should you need to get in touch regarding changes or questions, we will provide you with a number for a Rental Specialist who can assist you.

  • Do you offer event planning or styling services?

    No we do not, although we give some event planning advice through our blog, should you require professional planning services for an event, we can recommend a number of reputable event planners and agencies.

  • Can you recommend a venue or a florist/photographer/caterer?

    We are happy to recommend a vendor or venue to you, just let us know your event details and we can provide you with a few of our preferred vendors that we have worked with in the past.

  • Do you provide floor plans?

    Generally hotels and/or event planners offer this service to clients. We don't have a specialist to provide this function but can help offer suggestions where needed.

  • I’m already booking my event in a hotel, why would I need to rent from you?

    If booking in a hotel in the UAE, most do offer standard chairs, tables, linens and dishware for your event; however, depending on your event needs you may want to have a more tailored look that fits better with your overall theme. Renting the chairs, linens, dishware and/or chargers can change the look of the event without changing the venue.

  • Do you offer site visits?

    For larger events and for venues we are not familiar with, we are happy to arrange a site visit and a consultation.

  • Do you deliver across the UAE?

    Yes, we will deliver our equipment and furniture across the UAE, although additional charges may apply depending on the location.

  • Do you charge for delivery?

    Yes we do. We charge different fees based on the size of the order and venue/city for delivery.

  • Do your crews set up the equipment?

    If set up is required, we generally charge a fee for set up and dismantling of the equipment for an event.

  • Can I collect my items?

    Certain items may be collected directly from our showroom or warehouse, although larger items are not available for collection. Responsibility for the safe transport of the items will be with the person collecting the item.

  • How do I return my dishware, glassware and flatware?

    We do not request cleaning of dishware at the end of an event, but we do request lightly rinsed plates when possible, and require that food be scraped off of plates. Glassware is also to be emptied of any liquids before being placed back in the proper containers provided. An additional cleaning fee will apply if this is not complied with.

  • What happens if an item gets damaged or is lost on site?

    Replacement fees are charged for anything that is missing or damaged when brought back to our facilities or when noted at collection time.

  • Should I wash the linens before returning them?

    We request that you do not wash the linens, only that you shake them free of any debris before placing them in the linen bags provided. Do not place linens in plastic bags, mold may occur.